M Plummer-Fernández

M Plummer-Fernández -- 09.04.2021

image stored on IPFS
Original image retrieved from IPFS, and for sale on the H=N entry for this work.

Resources related to H=N

- These video tutorials by VerticalCryptoArt and James Paterson are a good place to start - find them on this twitter thread. They cover the basics of setting up a wallet and minting artworks.

- link to Teia (formally, HicEtNunc). Try not to be put off by the flood of images on the homepage. It is best to find artists directly, then look at their collections to see which other artists they support and promote. Many artists don't have their accounts verified yet, so they appear under their wallet numbers - ah, so cryptic!

- I've just seen Mark Knol's tool for browsing H=N. The tag explorer itself is wonderful: H=N exploration tool

- check out DiverseNFTArt

Artists to check out on Teia/ H=N

more to be added soon

Brazilian CriptoArte

Tais Koshino
Estelle Flores
Jessica Luz
Marissa Noana
Carlos Moreira

Mixed Digital-Analogue

Andre De Costa
Iskra Velitchkova
Patrick Tresset

New Gen Generative / AI

Helena Sarin
Erin Beasley

Digital Sculpture/3D

WAWE - duo from Abya Yala - the region of the Guna people across Panama and Colombia.
Auriea Harvey
Wealthy Relative

You can find more artists in this twitter call for recommendations.

How did I make this?

I used F5stegoJS to encode a text file into a JPEG (I used the online tool rather than coding something similar for my own use.)

The JPEG is then minted on Hic Et Nunc which doesn't tamper with the image in any way (unlike social media platforms) and gets it hosted on the IPFS (interplanetary file system).

This website uses a minimised javascript library called f5extract.min.js to unlock the image and retrieve the hidden message. The process is password protected so the script provides the password to extract and decode the uint8 text. This is then parsed as plain text.

With thanks to artist-technologist Martin O'Leary for coding help with the steganography.